Plot Twist #11: Starfire is one of the aliens experimenting on La’gaan.

Submitted by: Anonymous 

Plot Twist #10: The big bad guy is not actually the Black Beetle- but M. Night Shamalan.

Submitted by: starbird14 

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The fandom loves Lagoon Boy.

Plot Twist #9: Sportsmaster doesn’t hate redheads.

submitted by: illalwayscomebacktoyou 

  • plot twist: the yj fandom isn't the most gullible fandom there has ever been.

Plot Twist #8: Greg doesn’t like to mess with us.

Submitted by: anon

Plot Twist #7: The whole series is a simulation

Submitted by: anon 

Plot Twist #6: Everyone is dying, earth is going to explode and no, this is not a simulation.

Submitted by: anon

Plot Twist #5: Dick is not a man whore.

Submitted by: barbara-batgirl-gordon 

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you should get a new icon since another blog has the same one...

They do?… Opps